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May 14, 2009

An update of all the official spacepenguin links for your perusal.

Spacepenguin Official Site – for everything spacepenguin

Last FM artist profile – where you can hear all the spacepenguin tunes such as:

Last FM listener profile – where you can see what I have been listening to

SpacepenguinMusic myspace page*

SpacepenguinTim myspace page*

Spacepenguin Imagine FX user profile

* Please note I very rarely check these pages now that I have emigrated to facebook

Spacepenguin Audiocast March 2009

Apr 1, 2009

I have made a test recording for a Spacepenguin Audiocast. It is not very high quality as it was just recorded using my mobile phone while out and about. Also I have a horrible muddled-sounding voice so the words are not really that clear, I may put up a transcript later if I can be bothered, but in the mean time… enjoy. Feedback good or bad will be welcome. Thank you.

Field overlooking Wymondham Abbey

Field overlooking Wymondham Abbey

Click below to play:

Map of recording location

spacepenguin music

Mar 15, 2009

I have added a music page – see right —>

This has a link to my artist’s page with my releases.

I must admit they are not that typical of my normal music as most of what I play is normally live and improvised and therefore does not get recorded – these are more like “dabblings”.

If you feel inclined to listen to them I would be grateful as I collect royalties from all plays (not that they will amount to much)

Welcome to Planet Penguin!

Mar 9, 2009

For more information about spacepenguin head to the about page or check out the official site at