A Wider Audience

Aug 5, 2010

No, that is not a reference to over-weight crowds – it refers to the ongoing quest for Space Penguin to take over the world (Well, increase my internet presence at least).

I can annouce two more exciting ways to listen to the music of SpacePenguin:

1] Buy my music from iTunes: Artist – Space Penguin

2] Listen on Spotify: Artist – Space Penguin

Go and enjoy…. many times

official links

May 14, 2009

An update of all the official spacepenguin links for your perusal.

Spacepenguin Official Site – for everything spacepenguin

Last FM artist profile – where you can hear all the spacepenguin tunes such as:

Last FM listener profile – where you can see what I have been listening to

SpacepenguinMusic myspace page*

SpacepenguinTim myspace page*

Spacepenguin Imagine FX user profile

* Please note I very rarely check these pages now that I have emigrated to facebook

spacepenguin music

Mar 15, 2009

I have added a music page – see right —>

This has a link to my last.fm artist’s page with my releases.

I must admit they are not that typical of my normal music as most of what I play is normally live and improvised and therefore does not get recorded – these are more like “dabblings”.

If you feel inclined to listen to them I would be grateful as I collect royalties from all plays (not that they will amount to much)