New SpacePenguin Website

Feb 4, 2019

Hi everyone.
Just to let you know I am currently rebuilding in google sites.

Hopefully this will give me more flexibility moving forwards.

Check it out here.



The History of SpacePenguin

Nov 12, 2018

The History of SpacePenguin video

Everyone is always asking about the SpacePenguin, so I have put this short video together showing the timeline to date of the SpacePenguin.

iTunes link:

Spotify link:

SpacePenguin goes to…

Nov 5, 2018

There is now an official Facebook page dedicated to the “SpacePenguin goes to” features :

There is also a YouTube playlist of the same name on my YouTube Channel.

SpacePenguin goes to Playlist

YouTube Channel

My infamous small dog joke…

Jan 11, 2013

A lady walked in to a shop carrying a small dog.

“Excuse me, do you have any hair remover?”, she asked.

“Yes madam. This one is very good but do not use any make-up for two days afterwards” replied the shop keeper.

“Oh no”, said the lady,
“It’s not for my face, it’s for my Chihuahua!”

“In that case”, said the shop keeper,
“Don’t ride your bike for a month!”

Go Cyril yourself

Oct 11, 2012

The great Dick and Dom have unleashed new chaos to our screens in the form of HOOPLA!

Currently on the CBBC website you can Cyril yourself!

Go and have a play, you know you want to…..

…. I did LOOK!

The crows know all

Aug 28, 2010

To quote the great Smith & Jones sketch show from the 1980s “#Hello, Police? We’ve reason to believe there’s a body in the garden”.

Crows have descended on a small patch of grass (dare I say, “grave-sized”) and have obliterated it. Being carrion creatures it does make you wonder what they are after, as it is only in this area.

Incidentally, I believe that this area used to be located in the vicarage gardens, and if Miss Marple is to be believed, it is always the vicarage that throws up such happenings.

Anyway, photos are attached…. the close up is a bit blurry as it was taken through binoculars LOL.

A Wider Audience

Aug 5, 2010

No, that is not a reference to over-weight crowds – it refers to the ongoing quest for Space Penguin to take over the world (Well, increase my internet presence at least).

I can annouce two more exciting ways to listen to the music of SpacePenguin:

1] Buy my music from iTunes: Artist – Space Penguin

2] Listen on Spotify: Artist – Space Penguin

Go and enjoy…. many times